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I wish we treated each other better. I wish the world was a safer place. I wish our dreams would come true. I wish I could be a better me.

In our collective consciousness we strive to be something more than our individual pieces allow. When I close my eyes I think about what I wish the world could be and how everything flows from one end of the universe to the next, but then I remember the universe has no end and neither does our human potential.

Our lives ebb and flow with ups and downs. One minute we are on top of the world; the next we can be fighting just to survive another day.

My goal was to capture the flow and movement of our lives. I wanted to draw from the shape of our minds and curves of our bodies as they move along with nature and our ever changing moods. Like everyone in it, the world is a bright and colorful place and so like all my paintings' color it's an intricate part of my work and reflects my view that life is intense and powerful in the best and worst of times.

My paintings, however, are whatever you wish them to be. You've read what I was thinking as I painted them, but please let them be a conduit between your visceral reaction and your own dreams and wishes as well as those of the world at large.

Neill Ewing-Wegmann
March 22, 2019

Neill I was born in 1979 in Belfast, Maine. At age 2 my family moved to Los Angeles, California, where I lived until the age of 12 when we returned to Maine and settled in Bath. All through my life I made frequent visits to my parents' home state of Louisiana. In 1998 I graduated from Morse High School. I attended Colby-Sawyer College and majored in Graphic Design and Painting, studying under Professor John Botte. After graduating with a BFA in 2002, I moved to Portland, Maine. For many years I've worked as a graphic designer at a printing company in downtown Portland. In addition to being an artist, I love my role as both husband and father. As an artist my main goal is to create new work and to have it on public display.

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